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Community of Practice for Young Professionals

2 apr 15

Community of Practice for Young Professionals

In Johannesburg, we are setting up our 2nd Community of Practice for Young Professionals - due to public demand! We have been running one group every few weeks since last August, and the interest has now led us to formalise this exciting way of working with young professional people, and our 2nd group will kick off in May!


The Community of Practice is tightly facilitated, and enables young professionals to explore their questions in a safe and non-threatening environment, and for the participants to share their own experiences and ideas about what works for them. Usually we work with 5 or 6 people for 2 hours at a time, and use the opportunity also to build good listening and questioning skills. After a while we move into deeper skills development, exploring the art of facilitation, issues of transference etc.


More details: see below.

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