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Anna Magdalena Bernhardt

Anna Magdalena Bernhardt

University of Hamburg

Working with curiosity

What invites to work? As a Dance pedagogue and psychologist I am interested in what people moves. Control and stimulating systems don’t take curiosity and actual factors enough into account, as far as I’m concerned. There are other factors to consider next to money and work pressure. I mean like meaning, wanting to make a difference, flow. But also recognition, social connections, playfulness, pride. The list is certainly longer. Intrinsic motivation carries on, ultimately to the goal.  

With a paper on intercompany sports and memory, I have concluded my bachelor in Psychology in 2013. The lifetime changeability of the brain has fascinated me throughout my studies: we are equipped for new! I would like to understand successful learning processes with adults and understand successful interventions. To build labor relations, which are productive, healthy and meaningful for both the individual as the organization. Since my education in conflict solving and consulting I am curious how people can work together in a positive way. And what goes wrong when creativity and productivity go down. I have experience as a trainer and mediator and I am a member of the society KoMet.

Why an internship at Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company?

The idea of focusing on strengths appeals to me very much. I want to support the Learning and Developing of individuals and organizations, and so be close to the people and the relevant questions. I want to give a language to ideas, stories and the unsaid. Investigating and shaping are very attractive to me: translate the knowledge gained into powerful suggestions, which are appealing for individuals and organizations to investigate. Learning formats, which invite to reflection and action.

Thus my internship at Kessels & Smit. For the next coming weeks I will experiment, read and write aroung Jobcrafting, storytelling and flow..

Jobcrafting, storytelling & flow

Jobcrafting means that employees can actively shape their tasks and relations. They do so, because they work on their professional identity and meaning. For me that idea is exciting, because it is all about bringing together the job, the individual and the organization. When an employer allows jobcrafting, he gets motivated employees in return. The goal for the employee is the flow, the promising area of being challenged so you will stay and thus, have the possibility develop even further.  

Storytelling – the narrative need, to tell oneself and the others a good story that gives meaning and creates identity.
Storytelling is about authorship and responsibility. Storytelling is an engine and a strategy: you can see your own contribution in the bigger picture. The danger of job crafting is that it can lead to exaggeration – individualism without connection, exhaustion because it is all about you. If you don’t want that, start with yourself but don’t stay put. Build together with others on content and to shape the cooperation. That is also a way to follow your curiosity during your job, knowing and appreciating that many other work with you on your biography. During my internship I would like to investigate job crafting between individuals and organizations.