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Managing in a clear and human way



What is it?

Within the skill of addressing we distinguish the following four derived skills:
  1. Active listening, listening to the people you work with;
  2. Complimenting, telling someone from your working environment what you're satisfied with;
  3. Giving feedback, indicating to someone from your working environment which suggestions you have to improve your co-operation;
  4. Confronting, giving a stronger form of feedback, which you use when the behaviour of someone from your working environment hampers your performance.


When can you use it?

In most cases, communication automatically proceeds smoothly. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to communicate with people in one's working environment. What exactly does the customer mean? What is expected from you? And if things proceed contrary to what you want, or if they proceed very well, you want to have an opportunity to comment …


Addressing means that you give your opinion, in a constructive manner, to other people about their behaviour and the effect of that behaviour. Mostly, you will address a person when you wish the behaviour of that person to change. It also means that you should adopt a constructive attitude when you yourself are addressed in respect of your behaviour. By paying attention to the addressing discussion technique you will perform even better as an executive. Obviously, your company’s employees and customers benefit from this as well.



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