Process support


Speeding up and deepening

Process facilitation is the support of groups and organisations with their change, design, and development questions. We differentiate between process facilitation and process support. 

Process facilitation means that we will co-create a complete process with a certain goal together with our client. This can be through a day where higher management or a team comes together. It can also be a series of meetings with different groups. The goal can either be formulating a vision, designing a learning tool, defining a change strategy or looking at a problem in an appreciative way (Appreciative Inquiry). Design and development are processes of co-creation.


Process support is for those issues where there is no defined goal or route. Questions mostly take the form of searches with complex layers. The direction for these processes is found as they move along, through experimentation. Examples include a pilot project to try out something new (social innovation), or supporting groups that want to take a (corporate social) theme to a testing ground for innovation. 


We have broad experience in these fields, in both facilitating clients as well as professionalizing colleagues in the field. 

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