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High-powered individuals and teams

People learn fastest through practicing, applying knowledge, experimenting and experiencing success. That is how insights into day-to-day thinking and doing become firmly rooted. Coaching can support learning processes and is an intervention that we regularly use, both for individuals and teams.  

Principles of our way of coaching

  • Personal strength: each person possesses everything that is necessary for overcoming personal issues. Our coaching offers support in finding one’s own strengths and in removing obstacles and barriers to learning. This creates new perspectives and possibilities, and releases personal qualities.
  • Connecting and making contact: The relationship between coachee and coach is based on trust and openness. That is why it is very important for a coachee to choose the coach he/she wants to work with. In an introductory conversation, he/she can experience the way we work. So, the intake (first meeting) is not a conversation about the issue, but a work session in which we build up trust and the coachee can get a sense of what to expect from the coach.
  • Analysing and helping to solve problems: We analyse the patterns of the coachee that are helpful and examine the ones that are sustaining the existing problem. Together, we start to look for the seeds of success: where does is it already working and how can we extend that? We work towards the future and are goal-orientated.
  • Connecting with practice: Practicing in real situations makes a difference. We challenge coachees to do so, for instance, by discussing work situations and investigating what situations would be suitable for applying new behaviours, or by practicing difficult conversations (either with or without an actor). 

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