Nina Timmermans

Nina Timmermans


Getting to work full of energy

What fascinates me is motivation: what triggers people to do what they do? If you do what you fancy, you achieve more and you’ll have more energy. That is not only important for people but also for organizations. As a labor- and organization psychologist I like to keep busy with achieving sustainability on a personal level. How to handle your own source of energy in a healthy and right manner? The recognition of personal talents is an important starting point. Where is somebody’s strength? When is somebody at his best and how can he expand this? By taking time to chart personal talents and looking for what these talents (might) mean for somebody, you will get to the source of the personal energy.

Next to the knowledge about your own source of energy, it is just as important to have the skills to handle this. The mental skills that can play an important role here, I get from sport psychology, a topic I have specialized myself in. My background in both sport psychology and L&O psychology is a fascinating combination. Self-regulation, discipline, concentration, achieving under pressure; important topics within the sports but also very helpful on the work floor, as far as I am concerned.

Supporting people in their jobs and the choices they make for certain tasks and how they handle it, is done through the way described above. A way that feels natural for me; clear and enthusiastically.
Do you choose what fits you? Do you work in a way that fits your drive? That excites you? To get the best out of yourself? For me it is fascinating to experiment with that and like to think within the organizations on this. I like to DO and believe that experience is a master teacher. In my job as a researcher, consultant and coach with Kessels & Smit, I like to build and make learning projects and – activities that are close to somebody’s job. That is the place where you get your experience and performances.