Joeri Kabalt

Joeri Kabalt

Netherlands, Belgium

Organizing change or movement, together with others by confronting people and to be able to contribute to the happiness of people in their job or in society- that is my driving force.


Appreciative Inquiry

That is also why I like to work with Appreciative Inquiry (AI). The beautiful thing about AI is that it provides a way of looking at people and organizations that creates movement. The people involved get an active role in shaping the future of their job, team, organization of suburb. Together they explore what works and how to expand this. By focusing on that, a lot of energy starts to flow. And by bundling up, special processes arise. Like during my master thesis, where I organized an Appreciative Inquiry on the future of Curacao, together with the population of Curacao. Research becomes an intervention in times like these: investigating together creates movement.


Special meetings

A lot of power comes from special meetings, when it comes to learning, renewing and movement. Meetings where people look in an investigative way and create new ideas together. This doesn’t happen in just any ordinary meeting. But you can create it. By connecting people from different places in the organization or people with different cultural backgrounds. Sharing personal stories helps to get the connection and to see the other, how different he or she might be, as a human being. Investigative and appreciative questions and inviting formats help to open up the conversation and to really hear each other’s points of view. I like to organize meetings between unlikely couples or groups, which are valuable for both. Multinational – NGO; CFO – employee.