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Barbara van der Steen


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Work with guts and persistance


I was 12 years old when I first witnessed the power of the spoken word. I was watching a film on TV in which a man is pacing up and down in a room. You can see from his face that he's confused. Then another man enters the room. He utters just three words, calmly and purposefully. The anxious man looks at him, briefly hesitates and sits down. My mother told me that the man who'd uttered those three words was called a 'psychologist'. The term didn't mean much to me at the time, but what he demonstrated was something I knew I wanted to acquire.



Now that I'm all grown up, I get to call myself a Social Psychologist. In recent years, I've conducted intervention studies with the medium of 'language' as a main point of application. I find it fascinating how significant language can be to us. One word can have positive meaning to one person and at the same time negative meaning to another. That psychologist in the film merely offered his subject special attention and a few words. But it was the anxious man that made the change. He absorbed those words and allowed himself to be calmed down by his own interpretations.


Learning & change

Kessels & Smit has been my work base since 2006. My themes are open learning programmes, the art of intervening and management development. I also work as a core teacher for the SIOO, on a course for organisational professionals.


Dreams & ambitions

I help people to fulfil their dreams and ambitions: groups of managers in complex organisations, teams in a process of change and individuals with specific needs. We jointly explore methods of organising and working that suit best to the individual or group. This might be anything from a complex social issue, the day-to-day running of a nursing home or innovation of a building sector. The work demands a great deal of guts and persistance - and often produces results that are energising, satisfying and definitely something to be proud of.